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Holy Guacamole!

Sep 15, 2023

This episode is a story about one of the best things in life -- ice cream, and it's plant based for all the good reasons!  Listen and learn how this co-founders couple Nicole and Dwight conjured their sons' milk allergy into the joy ice cream brings into any family.  Co-founder, father and chef, Dwight Campbell has exhaustive culinary skills -- serving steak dinners for 500 on a given evening. He experimented and tinkered with almonds and then cashews to create a plant-based ice cream recipe. Co-founder, mother and entrepreneur, Nicole Foster who is a lawyer and plant forward eater has harnessed this delicious dessert into an ice cream shop, and now is scaling up with a copacker. It's engenuity, resourcefulness and perserverence!  

The journey started in Baltimore and like so many Baltimore-firsts is stepping up to serve culturally creative flavors as an outpouring of their Jamaican heritage and their sophisticated global outlook. 

This episode reflects two pillars of the Six Pillars of Business Success. Pillar 1 -- brand and strategy, and Pillar 5 -- their ability to secure their co-packing and packaging which leads to many avenues of distribution.