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Holy Guacamole!

Jul 1, 2022

We’re continuing our journey of gastronomy with a reading about whiskey, from a newly published book called Make it a Double.  The author Shelley Sackier kindly agreed to a dramatic reading from her book, for Holy Guacamole. She was recently in Baltimore, at an event at Greedy Reads with Chelsea Gregoire. Chelsea added this book to our library at Church Bar and I was first in line to read it.  It’s punchy, captures Whisky’s incredibly history and it's craft. You’ll hear her love of the drink too!  

How does this little vignette about whiskey relate to your service in your business? Simply put, each item we serve, in hospitality is generally steeped in history. Alcohol comes in so many forms, each with elaborate histories. It may be hard to engage your customers with this level of geekiness. Some of you do pull that off, and good for you. But I’ll say that many of us continue to be intrigued by gastronomy, and our love hospitality enough to be life long learners.

Indulge in life long learning when you can and when you want to. Maybe it will seep to the top and make your restaurant, cafe, food truck or bar a little more curious and wonderful.