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Holy Guacamole, The Food and Beverage Business Podcast

Feb 17, 2023

Going deep with the Six Pillars of Success as a method for business owners to roadmap change and stability into their business. The Six Pillars are Brand Strategy, Financial Stability, Operations, Product Quality, Avenues & Distribution, and Hospitality.

The jargon of financial stability is broken down into digestible morsels. 

How can you build healthy habits that will support and grow your businesses financial stability. You'll learn how to be mindful and aware of your food costs and labor costs, and how to define the benchmarks into your situation.

How can you plan? We talk about setting goals for the year and sticking with them by creating projections for a week ahead, a month ahead. 

How can you build in stability? We talk about checking your P&L, reveiwing your POS for regular stat checks, and even building your own google sheet to track what is useful and important to you and your team.